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Introducing ONE Future, Realty ONE Group’s exclusive retirement savings platform, providing all members of the ONE family with access to customized retirement savings plans. With pre-vetted top-tier solutions and competitive technology, service, and pricing. ONE Future offers a range of retirement products to meet your needs!

Through this platform, members can take advantage of Realty ONE Group’s scale and relationships to explore various retirement
products at pre-negotiated rates, which can help them plan for their future. Additionally, you have access to advisors to assist in making sure your matched with the right plan for you and your businesses, with administrative ease, risk mitigation, and platform integrations. The Investment Solutions provided by ONE Future include low-cost target date funds, model portfolios, and a large array of institutional mutual funds covering major asset classes in both active and passive management styles.




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NAME Roth Option? Deducation Range Deducations for 50+
IRA/RothYES$0 - $6,500+ $1,000
401KYES$0 - $22,500+ $7,500
Profit Sharing PlanNO$0 - $66,000+ $7,500
Cash Balance PlanNO$0 - $200,000+ N/A


Not only do you outsource most of your fiduciary liability and responsibilities, but it is very competitively priced with aggregate pricing for fixed fees and participant fees. For example, as the hypothetical chart below highlights, smaller single employee plans only have a minimum cost of $30 per year.

NAME Fixed Annual Asset Based National Avg. Comparison
IRA/Roth IR$00.99%1.74%
Sole Prop 401k/Profit Sharing Plan$300.99%1.87%
Cash Balance Plan
(owner or owner & spouse)
Cash Balance Plan
(small business 2 employee+)
$2,500 +$100
per employee

Investment advice and consulting offered through Arcwood Financial a registered investment advisor Neither Arcwood nor any of the listed service providers or subcontractors provide tax or legal advice. Please consult a tax adviser or attorney before making a tax-related investment/insurance decision.

*Asset-based pricing and comparison does not include the average net expense ratio for the underlying investment options.
(Realty One Group Platform avg. 0.25% - 0.70%).

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