Selling A Home


Get Your Home Ready

Have you done the work necessary to sell your home for top dollar? Tackle that home improvement list before you put your home on the market so you’re not leaving anything on the table.


Choose a Listing Agent

Sure we’re biased. But with our experience and knowledge, Realty ONE Group Professionals are the best choice to help you sell your home.


Find Out How Much Your Home Is Worth

Work with your real estate professional to determine a price. We know you love your home but don’t overprice it. Trust your real estate professional to help you be realistic so you can avoid any price adjustments.


Clean & Prep for Showings

Prepare your home for showings by cleaning and decluttering. You might consider hiring a professional stager or staging your home yourself to make it shine.


Market Your Home

Work with your agent to market the best features of your home and make sure it is accessible online to buyers far and wide. You never know who might be interested.


Receive Purchase Offers and Negotiate

With luck, offers will come pouring in. Get ready to negotiate and find the right offer for you based on price, timing, and any contingencies or additional asks.


Open Escrow and Order Title

Your real estate professional will know what to do once you accept an offer. But remember to be patient. It may take a while with several critical steps before you close.


Complete all necessary inspections

If you don’t have an inspector your real estate agent can recommend one and give you a checklist so you know what the inspector will want to see. Keep in mind, a good inspector will have suggested improvements for almost any home. Don’t get discouraged.


Deliver Seller Disclosures

All homes in the United States are subject to lead-based paint disclosures, not just those built before 1978. If you’re aware of material facts, make sure you and your agent disclose them.


Make sure buyer clears all contingencies

Your buyers are responsible for clearing all contingencies. Make sure that they do, and in the timeframe required by your state, so there’s no threat to the deal following through. In California, for example, contracts default to 17 days, at which time, the buyer must release contingencies.



You just sold your home! Thank your real estate professional and get on the move. You’re on to the next wonderful chapter of your life.

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